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Fuse LS - Low Solvent Ink - 1-Liter


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Fuse LS Low Solvent Ink.

Perfectly designed for Seiko & HP™  Printers



Low Solvent Solutions
for Solvent Based printers
New Fuse LS Inks (PRLS) generation- Compatible  HP™ 8000/9000/10000 and Seiko™ 64/100
Recognizing the increasing demand in the high– productive, solvent - based inks market for high quality, wide color gamut, fast drying and vivid colors, Bordeaux has developed a new product line to replace some of its current hard and low - solvent inks.  This created solvent based inks which are printer specific and correspond to the newest printer technology.
PRIME : Low Solvent
Mix & Match & Save
Fuse LS  is an HP 9000 / 10000 and Seiko 64S/100S fully compatible inks with enhanced color gamut.
This Low Solvent Ink is offered at a significantly lower cost, without forfeiting the speed and high quality prints for which these printers are known, maintaining the original ink properties such as:
Viscosity , Surface Tension and Pigment Particle Size
These parameters ensure print quality, ink flow through the ink delivery system, droplet properties, color-to-color and printed media interaction.
Water Resistant
Outdoor durability without lamination: similar to OEM
Wide color gamut, clean intense colors
Smooth tonal gradations
Excellent adhesion
Use PRIME inks for most outdoor applications requiring light-fastness and/or water resistance.
COLORS:  black, cyan, magenta, yellow, light cyan, light magenta
CONFIGURATIONS: 1 and 5 liter bottles, 1L cartridge
SUBSTRATE COMPATIBILITY: compatible with all substrates (for compatible printers)available on the market
PRINTING ENVIRONMENT: Temperature: 65°-86°F (18°-30°C);
Relative Humidity: 20% to 70% (noncondensing)
STORAGE TEMPERATURE: Temperature: 50°-86°F (10°-30°C);
Relative Humidity: 5% to 70%
SHELF LIFE: 12 months from production date
SAFETY DATA please refer to MSDS
Ink Changeover:
This is a Mix & Match product, optimized to replace HP 790, Roland EcoXtreme and Seiko EX inks. This ink can be replaced on individual cartridge level without the need to flush, replace parts or perform color profiling when using original profiles.
To achieve an optimum performance:
        1.    Use profiles ( to best match specific substrates
                2.             When changing over from 3rd party inks, all ink and jet assemblies must be                                        thoroughly cleaned before using Fuse LS with Fuse LS cleaning fluid



Light Cyan
Light Magenta

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