Prime Mild Solvent Ps21

For use in Mimaki JV33/CJV30TM Printers



Sales Rep Note: If user is changing from original inks, it is OK to read them Procedure 1.  If they are changing from another ink, Please copy and paste Procedure 2 and email to them.

Please find below the recommended procedure for introducing Bordeaux’s ink in order to get the best results.


Procedure 1) From Mimaki SS21 OEM ink to Bordeaux Prime Mild Solvent Ps21 Ink (no need to flush):

Before installation, run a nozzle test print and a standard test print to have as a reference point for comparison purposes.

1.      Install the 440 ml Bordeaux ink cartridges and run two normal cleaning cycles (if you are in the “middle” of a print job start using immediately)

2.      Note: Dampers DO NOT have to be changed

3.      Run nozzle print.

4.      Begin running test prints and compare to standard test print.

5.      There is no need to re-profile.  It is better to start earlier in the day so the ink fills the entire system (best not to start the procedure on a Friday afternoon when it will sit all weekend).


Procedure 2) From 3rd Party ink to Bordeaux Mild Solvent Ps21 ink:

1.      Before installation, run a nozzle test print and a standard test print to have as a reference point for comparison purposes.

2.      In order to replace the cartridges, run a head wash; take out the third party ink cartridges. When the last cartridge is removed, the pumps will automatically remove the remaining ink from the lines.

3.      The display panel will read Cleaning Tools. Put in Bordeaux Flushing Fluid Cartridges. When the last cartridge is in the printer, the pumps will start circulating the Flushing Fluid to remove any 3rd party ink from the lines

4.      Remove the Flushing Cartridges, at this point the pumps will discharge any remaining Flushing Fluid from the lines and run a powerful clean cycle.

5.      Once the printer completes its head clean operation, introduce the Bordeaux ink cartridges

6.      Select the “powerful clean” setting.

7.      Perform several head cleaning cycles to ensure the ink is ready.

8.      Run nozzle test print.

9.      Run prints to ensure that every print head is running perfectly. Compare with the print you made before changing the inks.  Colors are likely to look different since the “original” print was made with a third party ink that did not match the reflective densities and color gamut of the OEM and the Bordeaux ink.

10.  If there are dropouts, run cleaning cycle and repeat it until a satisfactory print is obtained.