Prime Ps21

For use in Mimaki JV33/CJV30TM Printers




I have tried other third party inks, but was not satisfied with their performance. What has been the market acceptance of Bordeaux’s Prime Mild Solvent Ps21 Ink?

Prime Eco Ink has been sold in the world marketplace for over 4 years. It is a Mild Solvent ink fully compatible with Mimaki SS21 ink. It has performed excellently resulting in customers claiming it is as good as or better than the OEM ink!

Does using Bordeaux Ink void my Mimaki JV33/CJV30 Warranty or Service Agreement?  

No. Using Bordeaux Prime Mild Solvent Ps21 Ink does not void your Limited or Extended Mimaki Warranty or Service Agreement. PLEASE SEE MAGNUSON-MOSS WARRANTY IMPROVEMENT ACT LETTER. It is illegal for your printer dealer to tell you that anything else but OEM ink will void your warranty.  THEY CANNOT WITHHOLD SERVICING YOUR PRINTER.

Do I need to carry out any special maintenance procedures?

The printer should be maintained according to the directions specified in the Mimaki Owners Manual. In order to carry out these steps, the end user should purchase a Bordeaux Cleaning Kit or use the same kit purchased from the Mimaki dealer

How do I guarantee that my Warranty is in place?

The end user is asked to submit a nozzle test print (prior to putting in the Bordeaux inks) to Visual Formix that will establish the condition of the printer. Please indicate the printer model version on the print.

What if I have a question or believe that I have a warranty claim, or want to speak directly to someone from Bordeaux?

All questions or claims should be initiated through Visual Formix.  If your sales rep does not have the answer to a question, he/she will refer your question to Bordeaux’s Support staff. You should receive a call back within 24 hours.

What is the color gamut of the Bordeaux Inks compared to that of the Mimaki inks?

The color gamut of the Bordeaux Inks is almost identical to the gamut of the Mimaki inks. Because of the close match to the OEM colors, there is NO NEED TO PROFILE.

What substrates/ media (paper, vinyls, films) is Bordeaux Prime Mild Solvent Ps21 Ink compatible with?

Bordeaux Prime Mild Solvent Ps21 Ink is fully compatible with any substrate/media that is 100% compatible with Mimaki SS21 inks. Bordeaux Inks also use the same ICC profiles, with little or no color output variation.

Do I need to flush the ink when I switch from OEM Mimaki ink to Bordeaux Prime Mild Solvent Ps21 Ink?

Not required, if you are switching from the OEM, Nazdar. Lyson or Solaris inks.  BUT, if you are switching from another third-party ink, you will need to flush.

My waste tank is full. How do I discard the inks?

It is recommended that you check to see what the local regulations are for your area. MSDS sheets for the ink are available from Visual Formix. If you need these for local government approval, please contact us. If you already have a waste disposal system set up for standard solvent inks, the Prime Mild Solvent Ps21 inks can be discarded along with these.

Why do Printer and Ink companies give wide ranges when it comes to the expected fade resistance and expected life of an outdoor print?

Extended Print Life and Fade Resistance are one of the biggest benefits of using Bordeaux Inks. There are many factors related to how a print will hold up to fading and weathering. One key factor is lamination, which will protect prints from rain, wind and snow (including scrubbing and washing in the case of vehicle graphics). Inks will also interact with the media onto which they are printed causing variability in fading. The climate and latitude is a very key factor. Arizona and Florida are frequently listed as worst-case situations because of the amount of sunlight (visible and UV light), which occurs in these, or similar regions. Also, signs facing north will fade less than signs facing south.